can you usea pen as a sex toy

My mind was recently boggling on what I could do to spice up my sex life. I mean, I’m not complaining–I’m lucky to even have a sex life, right? But I was really wanting something new and different. Then it hit me. A pen. Now bear with me here. Although it’s not usually thought of this way, a pen can make a great sex toy. Of course, there are precautions you should take before you use a pen as a sex toy. I was eager to do some research.

So I started my investigation and started looking into it. I hopped on the internet and the first thing I saw were numerous articles about it. That’s when I got intrigued! I learned that using a pen as a sex toy has actually been around for a while. People have been using pens as a tool for sexual pleasure, for as long as pens have been around. I couldn’t believe it. Was this really the thing that I’d been looking for to spice up my sex life?

I was curious so I started reading more about it. I learned that the pen is great for clitoral stimulation as well as G-spot stimulation. I also learned that the pen can help you reach deeper orgasmic sensations. I was pretty excited to try it. I just had to make sure to be safe about it.

The first thing I did was to get the right pen. I wanted an inkless pen so as not to irritate my sensitive areas. I also made sure to clean my pen off and sex dolls use lubrication. Lubrication is key when using a pen as a sex toy. With that done, I was ready. Now it was time to get creative!

With the right information and the proper safety precautions taken, I was ready to give my sex life a little jolt. I started by stimulating my clitoris with the pen. After a few minutes, I moved on to using it internally. It was a very different sensation than my regular sex toys. It was great! I could feel the pen massaging my G-spot and throbbing against my inner walls. I found it really enjoyable, and I could definitely feel a difference in the intensity of my orgasms.

I had quite some fun experimenting with my new pen-turned-sex-toy. I also enjoyed the thrill of thinking of something completely out the box as tool to use. This experience got me thinking about how many other objects I could use as sex toys. This really opened my eyes to the potential that is out there, dildos and I can’t wait to explore and experiment more with different things. Has anyone else tried using a pen as a sex toy?