did adolf hitler invent sex dolls

So, did Adolf Hitler invent sex dolls? In the most basic sense, no. But, the man was certainly involved in a controversial project centered around the creation of sex dolls during his regime.

I stumbled upon this factoid recently while doing some research into the history of the Nazi party. It was something that caught my attention with its gruesomeness and I had to investigate further. To my surprise, it turned out to be true. Apparently, Hitler was behind a shady project to create voluptuous, lifelike dolls for the soldiers in his army as a means of keeping them from sexually assaulting women. I had heard about the rampant sexual violence during WW2, but was pretty shell-shocked to discover these facts.

This project was headed by a Dr. Petzel, a well-known doctor of the time. Petzel was chiefly responsible for making the dolls look as lifelike as possible. He even installed mechanical parts that would replicate some of the movements of real women. Of course, this was all for the soldiers’ ‘planning comfort’ as he had stated. Whatever that means.

The dolls were not cheap either. As with many projects of the Nazi, Hitler spared no expense and footed the bill for the dolls’ production. It is said that the dolls were made from a mix of rubber, plastic and even human hair. this was certainly a macabre use of resources for the sake of ‘keeping soldiers happy’.

The project didn’t just stop there. Petzel and Hitler had also wanted to explore the prospects of making robotic versions of the sex dolls. In other words, robots that could do anything but talk. Unfortunately, this plan never panned out, probably due to lack of resources and availability of the right technology.

So what were the implications of this project? Of course, it goes without saying that the dolls came at a grave moral cost. One has to question if Hitler and Petzel had realized the implications of their actions when they signed up for the project. Also, the irony is that the dolls were never put to use since the Nazis didn’t allow female soldiers in the army, thus leaving them with no one to ‘help out’ in the first place.

The Nazis had certainly employed some strange tactics in the course of WW2, vibrators but this project probably stands at the top of the list. They certainly needed to find ways to control their soldiers, but perhaps this was just too far. It was disgusting, reprehensible, and unpleasant to read about even now. It is clear that no good could have come from such a project and it’s baffling to get to know that such a plan could have been put into motion.

But, that’s not all. In a later section of my research, IInterestingly, I found that Petzel had moved on to other projects, his most famous one being a robotic arm that was attached to the Nazi soldier’s helmet as a means of protecting them from fire and projectiles. This was obviously not as controversial as the sex doll project, but it showed that the same man was capable of brilliant engineering as well.

I also found out that the sex dolls never made it out of Petzel’s laboratory and were destroyed in the course of the war. What happened to Petzel after the war, remains unknown and he probably vanished into the pages of history.

This certainly made me think a lot. I am sure that there are more projects that have never seen the light of day and have been buried under the annals of history. Who knows what else can still be dug up?