do i have to sterilize dildos

Before we get into the details of whether or not you should sterilize dildos, let’s look at why they have become so popular. The dildo has been around for thousands of years, from ancient Greek and Roman art to more modern interpretations. They were seen in sex-positive cultures as a way to heighten sexual pleasure, and that still Penis Rings true today.

I remember when I first found out about dildos and thought – wow! That must be a way to really add some spice to bedroom activities. After all, it seemed like no matter how much I tried, my partner and I just couldn’t quite get the explosive fireworks that we were looking for.

So, I did some research on using dildos – and one of the main things that came up was the importance of cleaning and sterilization. Apparently, it’s really important to keep your dildos clean because of the natural bacteria that accumulate on them. This can cause serious health issues, so regular cleaning is an absolute must.

But what about sterilization? The answer to this question isn’t so straightforward, since it really depends on the material of your dildo and how often you use it. If you use it regularly and it’s made of porous material, such as rubber or silicone, it’s a good idea to sterilize it before each use. This means soaking it in hot soapy water and then sanitizing it.

On the other hand, if you use your dildo infrequently and it’s made of non-porous material, such as glass or metal, then it’s not necessary to sterilize it before each use. An occasional wipe-down should be more than enough, since these materials don’t typically harbor bacteria.

So there you have the low-down on sterilizing dildos. In conclusion, the best way to ensure your safety when it comes to dildo use is to read the instructions of your particular device and follow the cleaning and sterilization instructions accordingly. At the end of the day, your sexual health is of utmost importance.

Now let’s move on to the next topic, using lube with dildos…