do spencers sell dildos to minors

I was recently posed a very intriguing question by my friends at a dinner party the other night: do Spencers sell dildos to minors? Apparently, this had become a discussion topic around the table due to an article one of us had read about the company.

As an avid internet shopper, I admit I had never thought about it before – and frankly, I was completely taken aback by the idea of a store like Spencers, which I know to focus on gag gifts, selling such an ‘intimidating’ item to minors. Surely, this must be some kind of urban myth or an old wives’ tale, I had figured out.

In order to get to the bottom of it, I decided to conduct my own research. I reached out to a few of my friends who I knew had already gone there shopping for gifts or passed by the store and put out the same question.

The outcome, however, was rather inconclusive. Some had heard stories of Spencers selling dildos before, while others hadn’t. The only conclusion that I could draw was that while Spencers may very well sell dildos, it’s more likely that these items can be found in some of their ‘adult themed’ shops.

On the other hand, the store certainly doesn’t just sell these kinds of items to anyone. Chances are, they have an age restriction before allowing the purchase of such items. It would then make sense if the company is taking precautionary measures with regards to their products, and using certain systems to ensure that minors are banned from buying items that could be potentially harmful for them or unsuitable for their age.

All in all, I hadn’t been able to figure out whether this was true or not. So, I turned to the internet to try and find any additional information on the subject. As it turns out, the speculation was exactly that – speculation. There doesn’t seem to be any record of Spencers actually selling dildos to minors.

As for the consensus of the internet, it seems to be quite divided over this topic. On one side of the spectrum, there were those claiming that it was totally irresponsible of the company and they should be held responsible for any potential harm they bring to children; while on the other side, sex dolls people were defending the store arguing that it would be ridiculous to expect such a high level of responsibility in the first place.

Knowing this, I thought it would be prudent to turn to the store itself and ask for an explanation. After a bit of questioning, I received a response from an employee of the store who told me that they take customer safety very seriously. While they don’t conduct any background checks or ask for proof of age, there is an age limit for the purchase of any of their adult products.

All in all, I wasn’t able to definitively confirm or deny that Spencers sells dildos to minors. But considering that they seem to have a system in place to make sure they don’t, it’s probably safe to assume that they take proper precautions when it comes to selling such items.Sex toys for older women are few and far between, but toy designers hope to bridge orgasm gap ...