girlfriend 3 way with sex doll

It was supposed to be just an ordinary night with my girlfriend at my place, but I had something naughty at the back of my mind. I had been planning for a while to introduce a sex doll for us into our sex life. I got a bit apprehensive, but there was a hint of excitement as well. Little did I know that this would turn into an unforgettable experience!

My girlfriend got to my place, and I nervously broke the news to her about my idea. She was surprisingly positive about it, but she had a few questions. Once she got all her queries answered satisfactorily, she jumped right into it.

We moved the sex doll into my bedroom, and my girlfriend decided to go first. She carefully followed the instructions, and soon, she got the doll into the desired position. We both giggled at the sight, and then the fun began. I watched in awe as she explored the doll’s body in a highly imaginative and creative way, enhancing her own pleasure. Suddenly, I felt a wave of jealousy wash over me. I was jealous of the doll getting attention from my girlfriend.

This made me realize how much I loved my girlfriend and wasn’t ready to share the experience with anyone else, even a sex doll! But oh, what amazing sex it was! She transformed the doll into a human-like partner and created mind-blowing sexual pleasure.

The experience was surreal, sensual, and mind-altering. We were both so absorbed in the pleasure that we didn’t realize how much time had passed! We both couldn’t believe what had just happened. We stared at each other in awe, and it felt like the entire world around us had disappeared.

The experience taught us both something amazing – that even a sex doll can become a perfect partner when approached with creativity and imagination. This experience changed us both in ways that are impossible to explain in words. It was a merging of two minds, two bodies, and two souls. Even the sex doll felt like a part of us! The experience wasn’t only delightful physically, but it was a mesmerizing exploration of our mental and dildos emotional bonds.

No wonder it is becoming popular for couples to experiment with sex dolls. We both knew that adding a sex doll to our sex life was the best decision we had ever made as a couple. We both enjoyed the feeling of free sexual exploration, without any fear or inhibition, and it was simply divine.

The experience came with a sense of security too since we knew we had complete control over what happened. I could finally explore my wildest fantasies with my girlfriend without worrying about hurting her or pushing her beyond her limits. It felt so liberating!

Since that night, we’ve had many more 3-way encounters with our sex doll. We keep experimenting with different poses, settings, and roles. We are evolving as a couple, and our ability to experience new couples delight has grown exponentially. We both know that it is a journey that we will cherish forever!

Adding a sex doll to our sex life has opened up a world full of sensual possibilities. The experience is highly intimate, caring, and emotional. We both feel that this kind of sexual experience has deepened our connection on a spiritual level and given us a new lease of life. We are now truly living in the moment!

What’s fascinating for us is the versatility of the sex doll. From conventional missionary to modern acrobatics, the doll can do it all. We’ve felt no lack in terms of spontaneity, either. The feeling of having a mutual partner and building the experience gradually is incomparable. We keep pushing our boundaries and growing as a couple, and it’s incredibly exciting.

Adding a sex doll to our sexual routine has definitely made things spicier and more varied. We now look forward to our private times with a sense of joy and anticipation. It’s a perfect way to let our imaginations run wild and explore new possibilities. We both love the challenge of trying something new and have discovered an entire new world of blissful pleasure!