how to convert a kitchenaid mixer to sex toy

I’m learning something new everyday and last week when I was doing some research I stumbled upon a new and creative idea that I thought was really revolutionary – turning a KitchenAid mixer into a sex toy! I’d heard of kitschy ways to spice things up in the bedroom but nothing that had quite the same impact and creativity as this one.

I was a little overwhelmed at first but with research, I started to understand how it works. First off, all you need is a KitchenAid mixer and a few simple additions. In addition to the mixer you also need a lubricant that is compatible with the material of the mixer and some extra hardware like screws and nuts and bolts. The process of converting the mixer into a sex toy is really quite simple and doesn’t involve any tools more complex than a screwdriver.

To start the process you first unscrew the bottom of the mixer and remove the bowl. This will likely be the most difficult portion of the process as the metal parts of the mixer can be quite heavy and bulky. Once you’ve removed the bowl, you need to fasten some form of support or base to the bottom of the mixer – this can be as simple as a piece of wood or a more complex base that you build yourself.

The next step is to attach the chosen lubricant to the mixer. This can either be done by spraying it directly onto the mixers surface or by applying it to a cloth or paper towel and rubbing it over the surface. This process should be thorough, as you don’t want to miss any spots. Once all surfaces have been lubricated, you can re-attach the base and closely inspect to make sure everything is secure and tight.

That’s it, you have officially taken a KitchenAid mixer and transformed it into your very own sex toy! This may sound really strange at first, but it really is a great and new way to experiment and vibrators have fun. Not only does it open up possibilities for new sexual positions but it can also help to get those creative juices flowing. Imagine all the other ways you could transform a kitchen appliance into something unique and special in the bedroom!

The thought of doing all this is thrilling and I’m excited to start exploring all the possibilities. I’m not sure what it must feel like to take a household item and vibrators turn it into something so taboo, but I’m sure it’s really unique and fun in it’s own way. If you’re adventurous enough, it’s an experience you should absolutely try out.

Now that I’m comfortable with the idea of turning a Kitchenaid mixer into a sex toy, I’m hoping to add more creativity to my bedroom activities. I think I’ll start experimenting with various products around the house to see what kind of interesting creations I can come up with. Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with something revolutionary!

I’m also thinking about different ways to enjoy my sex toy and get maximum pleasure out of it. Using different position during intercourse and exploring the different settings that the toy provides could be really fun and stimulating. Another great way to incorporate the sex toy is by incorporating it into foreplay. This could be an incredibly sensual and erotic experience for both partners, especially if they use a lubricant.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about stepping out of your comfort zone and transforming a KitchenAid mixer into a sex toy is that it can open up new doors of opportunity for you and your partner. Wondering what that new door may bring is both exciting and fun at the same time. I’m sure this will create some wonderfully unique moments in the bedroom that I’ll never forget.