how to find bra size of sex doll

Finding the right fit for your sex doll is important for comfort and pleasure. Whether your doll is for one time use or for life, the right size matters. So, how can you find the right bra size for your sex doll?

First and foremost, you should measure the doll’s bust and waist circumference. Measurement in inches will give you the right size for comparison purposes. A sex doll generally has measurements from 24 to 30 inches around the bust. This means that even if you are buying a smaller size, you should still look out for the doll’s exact circumference.

The second step would be to find the perfect bra for your doll. When it comes to finding bras for your sex doll, it’s important to take into consideration a range of sizes and styles available. This may depend on the type of doll you have, and what size cup you’re looking for. The cup size is measured in alphabetical letters with A being the smallest, and DD being the largest. The band size, on the other hand, is measured in numerical sizes, and may offer more room for flexibility, depending on the doll.

Thirdly, you must determine how the bra should fit on the doll. Most bras, designed for sex dolls, are generally the same as bra designs for women. The main difference is that for dolls, the band size and cup sizes may change slightly. So it’s important to make sure you know the doll’s size before you buy. Most bras come with adjustable bands and straps, sex toys which you can use to further enhance the fit. As long as you are sure of the size, you can easily find the right type of bra for your sex doll.

Finally, be sure to find a bra that matches the doll’s body type. It is important to find the perfect fit so that it does not pinch, squeeze, sag or create discomfort for the doll. To do this, measure the doll’s chest and waist circumference and compare it to an average size chart. This will allow you to find a bra that fits your doll precisely, and allows her to move freely when engaging in sexual activities.

These steps can help to ensure you find the right bra size for your sex doll. However, it is always important to use caution when purchasing products for your doll. Always make sure to read the product descriptions carefully and measure the doll accurately. With the right size, your sex doll will be the perfect companion for all your wildest fantasies.