how to get your girl take like dildos

I’m sure there are a lot of ladies out there who love their dildos. So if you’re trying to get your girl to take a liking to them, it’s important to understand her personal preferences and create an environment where it can be enjoyable for both of you. Here’s how to get your girl to take like dildos.

First things first, talk to her about it. Ask your girl questions and be sure to listen to her answers. Don’t just jump in and tell her she needs to buy one. If she’s not comfortable talking about it, let her know it’s okay and you’ll be supportive no matter what she decides.

For some people, it’s a little awkward to bring up the idea of using dildos. If that’s the case for your girl, don’t force the conversation. Instead, introduce the idea slowly. Start by working up to it with romantic moments and sexy talk. Making her feel comfortable and desired, while also sharing your fantasies, could help create a safe environment in which to explore the subject.

Another way to gently and tactfully introduce the concept is by watching erotic movies involving dildos as a form of foreplay to stimulate your girl’s imagination. Try to find fun, creative ways to ease her into the idea. If nothing else, you’re giving her the understanding that it’s perfectly natural to use dildos, and the two of you can both benefit from it.

Be considerate of her needs. Ask her what her limits are when it comes to dildos and be sure to respect them. Talk about it again after the initial conversation and make sure that she’s enjoying it. Whatever you do, don’t keep pushing if your girl isn’t into it. It’s important to have mutual consent and respect each other’s boundaries.

Another thing you should keep in mind when trying to get your girl to take like dildos is to avoid making her feel guilty. If she doesn’t want to try them, it’s okay. Don’t make her feel like she’s not satisfying you, or that she needs to do this in order to please you. Respect that she might not be comfortable with the idea and make sure that she knows she’s the one who makes the final decision about what she wants to try.

You don’t have to rush the process either. Take your time, don’t pressure either of you, and really focus on the pleasure and intimacy you can create together. Don’t forget to use plenty of lubrication and be sure to play with different speeds and temperatures while you’re using the dildo.

Most of all, remember to be mindful of your girl’s feelings. Empathy, respect, and excellent communication are essential for a successful sex dolls life. So keep the conversation going, and find fun and creative ways to try new things so you can both enjoy it!