how to take long dildos up the ass

Taking long dildos up the ass is something I’ve wanted to experience for quite some time now. A friend of mine suggested I try it out and I decided to give it a go.

Wow, was I in for a treat! To be honest, at first it was quite intimidating. The thought of taking a long dildo up there was intimidating enough, especially since this one was 10 inches long. Despite the initial trepidation, I knew I was in for an epic experience, and I was prepared for whatever came my way. To get ready for this, I made sure to practice proper hygiene by showering beforehand and using water-based lubricant. I was also sure to stretch and warm-up my muscles with some light yoga poses to make sure everything was primed for the procedure.

Finally, I felt ready to take the plunge. So, I lay down on my back, inserted the dildo, and very slowly, with patience and care, I began to slide it in. You won’t believe what a wild ride it is! The sensation was absolutely amazing – it was all I could do not to cum right then and there. With every inch, the pleasure intensified and the sensations kept getting better and better.

Slowly and steadily, I felt the dildo entering my body. I had to focus on my breath to withstand the electric waves of pleasure that surged through my entire body. I kept pushing and it felt almost like a massage as the dildo moved further inside.

After a while, I felt that I was at my comfort level and I was able to enjoy the sensations to the fullest. I moved around a bit, letting the sensations roll over me like waves on an ocean. Taking long dildos up the ass may be intimidating at first, but it’s definitely worth it! The intense sensations are incomparable and it’s an experience like no other.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new way to experience pleasure. If you’re hesitant or nervous at first, that’s normal. All you need to do is go slow and be gentle with yourself. Make sure to practice proper hygiene and use lubricant and have an enjoyable time!

Now that I’ve had the hang of taking the dildo up, I can confidently say that I’ve mastered the art of it. I can do it with ease now – it’s almost like second nature. Every time it feels like an enlightening experience, allowing me to explore the depths of my body and discover new and exciting sensations.

The feeling of intense pleasure that comes from taking the dildo inside is unparalleled. It’s a kind of feeling that can’t be described with words – you just need to experience it yourself. Taking long dildos up the ass is something that is deeply intimate, and something that can truly bridge the gap between mind and body.

Another benefit of taking large dildos up the ass is that it helps to relax the body and loosen up the muscles. This can help with enjoying other sexual activities and can even be great for improving the quality of sex dolls you have. Moreover, it’s a great way to explore the depths of your body and pleasure zones.

Taking a large dildo up the ass is like nothing else; it’s an exercise in patience, focus, and pleasure. It’s an extraordinary way to explore your body and experience sensations like never before. The experience is indescribable, yet deeply fulfilling. So if you’re looking to experience something new and exciting, give it a go. I’m sure you won’t regret it!