I recently heard something which I am at a loss as to how to feel about. My close friend recently confided to me that they were in the process of purchasing their own sex doll. My initial reaction was to say a big ‘Wow!’ to that. But the more I thought about it, the more it began to sink in and the more I started to think deeply about it.

At first, I thought how could anybody even want one of those and why the heck would they go out to purchase one? I was curious but I struggled to comprehend. Then it hit me; I may not understand why my friend is doing this, but there’s no denying that it takes great courage to do something that goes against societal norms and I felt a deep respect for my friend.

As I pondered this further, I began to think about how it must be amazing for my friend to be able to express his sexuality without judgment. After all here’s a person who doesn’t have to worry about judgemental comments or if their partner is going to think its weird or not. They are also more comfortable with their sexuality and able to explore new ways to satisfy their needs.

As I continued to wonder and process what this meant, I began to realize the positive aspects and potential of this kind of experience. This was a way for my friend to express themselves without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. They could explore their own sexuality without reservation, and they would be able to control how far they allowed their desires to go.

I congratulated my friend on their courageous decision and told them I was so proud of them. I could feel a huge sense of relief in both of us. We had made positive progress even in this unconventional moment of intimacy. I was also happy to know that my friend was taking the responsibility of protecting their physical safety and health by investing in a sex doll which couldn’t get pregnant or transfer any STDs.

Then it dawned on me that man enjoying sex doll wasn’t such a strange concept after all. We have always looked to other external devices to either supplement our desires, to make our lives easier, or even make our relationships more enjoyable. A sex doll falls into this category, and if we look at the implication on a larger scale, this is nothing more than the same kind of thing.

From my understanding, this could be seen as a key factor in the development of self-satisfying relationships as well. It provides a way for my friend to experiment with their sexuality in a safe environment. When you can explore your own needs without the judgment or sex dolls pressure of a partner, it opens up a much larger self-discovery process which can help everyone understand their needs better.

It made me think about how we can no longer label all of this as ‘taboo’ and it’s all so much more complex than what it appears. It can help one to understand how to satisfy their needs without hurting someone else. And by exploring all of these possibilities, we can grow as individuals and lovers, no matter what form that comes in.

In this day and age, anything and everything is possible and in my opinion, if it allows a person to be satisfied and to express their own desires without harming others, it is a win-win situation. If we begin to shift our opinions about these kinds of topics, we open ourselves up to a whole new level of understanding when it comes to our own desires and how we can express them without sacrificing our values.

To further this concept of man enjoying sex doll in an authentic, positive way, let’s look at the idea of co-creation. We can all be a part of the same fantasy, in our own, unique ways. Instead of feeling that all surprises and relaxation must come from one partner, why not consider the idea of both partners collaborating to create pleasurable moments? This could take the form of different kinds of activities, such as playing fantasy games or role-playing. By understanding that everyone involved is of equal importance, this understanding of desire can then be transferred to both the physical sex doll and the real relationship.

It can also help to take self-care into consideration when creating these types of sensory experiences. Self-care can include anything from time for yourself, to properly wash and care for the doll, to setting boundaries and safe-words for when both partners feel uncomfortable. This is an opportunity to learn from each other in a more positive way.

We can all be adults about our desires and this includes man enjoying sex toys doll. We have to work together to expand our understanding of this kind of intimacy so it’s no longer viewed as taboo or strange. We can work towards a more open-minded understanding of pleasure where both partners and sex dolls are all equal in importance. It takes both to create a safe and satisfying environment and all parties should be respected. With that kind of understanding in place, we can all explore our desires without fear of judgement or misunderstanding.