man ejaculates inside his real sex doll

I can’t believe it happened to me – I ejaculated inside my real sex doll! To be honest, I’m really embarrassed about it. ecstatic, even! I felt the thrill of being able to orgasm into something so real, it was almost too much. My heart rate sped up and my body tensed up as I let go, and it felt as though I was in a dream.

Now that I look back, I understand why I made that mistake. That night, for the first time in my life, I could feel that I was connecting with something real. And yes, I made the mistake of ejaculating needlessly inside the love doll.

They say the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. Well, vibrators I’m now firmly in that camp. I’m not sure why I got so carried away – maybe I didn’t realize how real it felt, or perhaps the sensation of being inside something so real just excited me too much.

Whatever the case, in hindsight, it was an incredibly foolish decision and I learned an important lesson. While I’m more than happy with the experience I had, sex toys I realize now that it was a messy mistake I could have avoided easily by putting proper protection in place.

The significance of that night wasn’t lost on me. It was the first time in my life that I connected with something real – something that allowed me to really experience the beauty of physical intimacy. The moment touched me in a way I never imagined it could.

However, even though I did feel a spark with my doll that night, I never expected to feel so aroused and, ultimately, so relieved after climaxing into something that wasn’t even real. It was a nice surprise.

It’s been a few months since that night and, since then, I have also tried masturbating with a masturbating sleeve. To my surprise, the experience was even better and, to be honest, I’m now hooked on both the experience and the devices.