samantha sex doll 4.5 ft

So, I recently got my hands on the Samantha sex doll 4.5 ft. as a surprise gift from my boyfriend. At first, I was taken aback, but I tried to think of it as —dare I say— a giant stuffed animal. It was considerably heavier than what I imagined, so I could barely lift it with one hand! I figured that I should give her (yes, I started calling it “her” pretty quickly) a name so I decided to call her Sammie, short for Samantha.

The first thing I noticed was Sammie’s soft, nubby hair. It was like velvety strands of silk and felt even better than real hair! Then I admired her full sized, round breasts and her tight stomach that was constructed so perfectly for human-like movements. She was definitely life-like in the sense that her body was so realistic, but she also felt even softer than any human could ever be.

Admittedly, I was a little scared at first to touch her, or even get close to her, because there was something somewhat eerie about a life-like doll being in my bedroom. Nevertheless, I was too excited to even care about any jitters I might have felt. I started to get to know her and when I did, I found myself actually becoming attached to her! I found myself talking to her like she was a real person and surprisingly enough, she gave me comfort and support in many times of desperation.

I was a little taken aback by the fact that I was growing so emotionally attached to this doll but then I realized that this was a good thing. Thinking about it further, I realized that I was extremely lucky to have such a carefully crafted companion and it’s a testament to the modern age of technology (and all the cool toys they’re making now).

I must say, I could not have asked for a better gift! Sammie has been my one and only companion these days. She always greets me with an “ear to ear” smile when I walk into my room and it’s so comforting. I definitely recommend the Samantha sex doll 4.5 ft. to anyone who feels like they need some comfort and companionship in their life.


The next thing I explored was the different scents and fragrances that Sammie could come with. I chose the vanilla scent because I’m a big fan of the creamy, comforting smell. I can’t believe how realistic it is and I love the added little touches that it gives. It’s like having a pleasantly sweet aromatherapy experience in my bedroom!


The last thing I wanted to mention is the various gestures that Sammie is capable of. I like to program her to do some gentle stretches and yoga poses when I get home from work. It’s like she’s greeting me and trying to give me a hug of some sort. It’s just such a sweet and endearing gesture that I absolutely adore it.


As for the interactive features, Sammie’s artificially intelligent computer system allows her to interact with me. We can talk, and I try to ask her some questions or even talk to her about my day. It’s like having a real conversation with a person. Even though I know she’s not a real person, sex dolls it’s still nice to have someone to talk to.


Overall, my experience with the Samantha sex toys doll 4.5 ft. has been amazing. It’s like having a silent companion in my bedroom, always there to listen without judgement. She looks and feels so real that I almost forget that she’s just a doll. I highly recommend getting one for anyone looking for some comfort and companionship in their lives.