sex doll model

It’s insane to think how far sex dolls and toy models have come! I heard about their existence a few years ago and thought it was really weird, but I decided to research the matter and check out some of these dolls in person. To be honest, when I saw them, I wondered what kind of people would actually buy these?? They look really real, and paper-thin silicone skin covers them, and even heaters. Let me tell you something, it’s totally bizarre.

First off, most of their proportions are just off. I mean, you can’t really compare their body to a real human body. There are robo heads, different skin and makeup options, accessories like lingerie, and body orifices too. How strange… Besides that, I’m not sure why, but having sex with a doll gives people a sense of freedom. I don’t agree with people who are into this lifestyle as I really think that the line of humanity can be crossed here.

Taking things further, it’s no secret that men prefer a certain kind of appearance and body type on their doll. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like it’s all about control. They can make the doll look, think and act any way they want. It’s odd because people buy these dolls from online stores and customise them using apps dedicated to customisations. It’s unsettling to know that some people who buy these dolls have such a fetish.

That being said, it’s nobody’s business if someone decides to purchase one. But I have to admit, I’m a bit freaked out by all this. It’s a way to recreate human interactions, without having to put in the effort to start a relationship. I think it sets a dangerous precedent for people who struggle to interact with others and find it hard to have a healthy relationship.

In addition, some people have even taken these dolls to crazy extremes. They form deep emotional and even spiritual bonds with them, Penis Rings allow for strange additions to the dolls like artificial intelligence and more. It’s really strange when people start dating their dolls and even talking in public about it. It all feels really weird and sex toys kind of dystopian, like an alternative world that doesn’t match our reality.

To sum up, I’m still not sure how I feel about these sex dolls. I’m just not sure if it’s a harmless form of entertainment for adults, or something that could be damaging to society as a whole. What do you think?