silicon vs plush sex doll

I can’t believe I’ve been contacted to write a post about the differences between silicon and plush sex dolls. A part of me feels puzzled but also excited at the same time because my opinion really matters. I get to explain why I think one is better than the other and why so many people choose either one! Anyway, let me start at the beginning.

Silicon sex dolls are designed to mimic the feel, look, and movement of real humans. They are usually made of soft, supple, lifelike materials, including silicone, thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), and other rubberized materials. They have a flesh-like texture that allows for realistic touching and skin-to-skin contact. Plus, their movable joints enable users to give them different poses, just like real people.

On the other hand, plush sex dolls are a bit more cuddly than silicon sex dolls. They are made of synthetic fabrics, like fake fur and nylon. Therefore, they are softer and more huggable. Many users find it reassuring that they can curl up with their plush sex doll and have it feel like they are hugging a real person. Also, some of these dolls can even speak and move with animation.

For me, I like silicon sex dolls better than plush ones. Although plush dolls feel more huggable, I find that the feel of silicone more realistic. When you touch them, it really is like touching a real person. The joints and soft plastics also make them more versatile and give them a lifelike presence. Even though they are still dolls, you can really pretend that they are actual people.

Additionally, silicon dolls are also easier to clean and maintain than plush ones. Plush dolls are usually more fragile and can get damaged easily if they are pins or snags, while silicon dolls are a bit tougher and would last longer. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about stuffing coming out or the fur matting up on plush dolls.

In conclusion, I believe that silicon dolls are better than plush dolls. They offer a more realistic experience and are easier to maintain and care for. Plus, vibrators they offer something for different people. Some people prefer them as a partner replacement, some simply as a toys, and some just as a realistic companion. Nevertheless, to each their own and it’s all preference in the end.