what is that water balloon looking.sex dolls.toy

What is that water balloon looking sex toy?

I remember the first time I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a bright orange ball with a wide, flat base and a thin stream of water running through it. I had seen toys like this before but never anything quite like this. It had a distinctly sex toy look to it and I was both curious and apprehensive.

I asked my partner about it and he explained that it was an inflatable strap-on sex toy, designed for pleasure. I had heard of strap-ons before but this was our first time experimenting with one. He said it was going to help us, to explore new sensations, and that it was going to feel really good.

I was scared, but he was patient and talked me through what to do. He showed me how to blow up the toy and place it around my waist and how to adjust the straps and ensure the water balloon was in the right position. As I felt the balloon warm against my skin, I started to feel more courageous. He gave me gentle guidance and we started to explore different positions and intense pleasure.

I must admit, it felt really good, and soon we were taking our exploration to a whole new level. As we experimented, we found all sorts of exciting ways to use the water balloon looking sex toy. We mainly used it as a form of strapless strap-on, with me riding my partner while the balloon moved and shifted in all sorts of pleasurable ways.

We also found that it felt just as good for doggy-style positions with the balloon having plenty of room to move within the harness. The sensation was something that I was unable to find with other types of penetration and it made the experience incredibly enjoyable for both of us.

Using the water balloon looking sex toy was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to experiment with new forms of pleasure. The sensation you feel as the water balloon moves around you is something truly unique and Penis Rings wonderful. Who knows, you might find something you never knew you needed.