what size sex doll do i need if im 6’2

My friend, if you’re around 6’2 and think about getting a sex doll, you’re probably wondering what size do you need? Well, don’t worry, I am just like you and had the same thought at one point.

New Powerful Magic Wand Rechargable Vibrator Sensual Massage Waterproof Adult Body Stimulator ...The first thing that came to my mind was how big my sex doll should be. Honestly, it was a little daunting, especially when I realized I had to measure a few things such as my height, arm length and body size to get a right fit. Fortunately, I found out that the standard size for a 6’2 male was the 165 cm doll. I figured this would fit, but I wanted to make sure, so I took the measurements and did did some research online.

Turns out, the 165 cm size is great fit for me. I made sure the doll had enough horizontal space for all my body parts, with enough vertical room so that I wouldn’t get a cramp in the back and shoulders. Better yet, it wasn’t too big that I couldn’t carry around with ease.

When I finally got the sex doll, the thing was huge! However, after I opened the package and tried it out, I realized that it was just the right size for me. It was incredibly comfortable and strangely enough, dildos it felt like I was in love with my sex doll. I was relieved to know that I got the right size and felt like I was in bed with the perfect partner.

Aside from its size, the sex doll’s material was really soft and smooth. It had a texture you’d expect if you were touching a real person. Even the movable parts felt very natural. I was also surprised by how realistic it felt since it had a wonderful scent and my hands just couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve had this doll for over a year now, and she still smells and looks how she did back on day one.

Another important thing to keep in mind when you’re a 6’2, is the weight. Luckily, the doll’s body weight was well balanced and I didn’t have to worry about breaking any parts while I was using her. The design gave enough support for me. The legs were clearly proportioned to my body size, which was a good thing since a really heavy sex doll would feel uncomfortable.

So, if you’re a 6’2 and thinking about getting a sex doll, I bet you’re curious what size do you need? I’m a firm believer that, if you’re 6’2, the best size sex doll is around 165 cm. It’s a realistic size that’ll be comfortable regardless of how long or energetic you may become in the heat of the moment. Don’t worry, the size won’t be too small that it won’t fit you, but just right so you won’t have to stress about if it’ll fit comfortably or not.

The next step you should consider is the design of the doll and its material. As I mentioned earlier, the doll must be strong enough to accommodate your weight but also feel natural against your skin. It should also have a realistic scent and its movable parts should feel like your touching a real person, just like mine did.

Lastly, make sure you get all the measurements right. There’s nothing worse than getting a sex doll, only to discover that it won’t fit or it won’t be comfortable. Take the time to measure the doll before you buy, and you’ll have the perfect partner for the job.

Now that you know what size sex doll is right for you if you’re 6’2, let’s explore a few additional factors that are important to consider when buying a sex doll.

The first is build quality. Good sex dolls last longer and perform better than cheap ones. Many sex dolls today are being made from silicone or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), so make sure you get one that’s made from a good material for best performance.

Another factor to consider is texture. Reasonable texture makes the whole experience more real and enjoyable. Soft skin feel almost like real skin and some even have built-in heaters so you can feel the warmth when you touch them. In addition, the internal parts should be good too, with tight elasticity that will hold any size.

Also, make sure you get one with functions that suit your needs. If you want a sex doll that can do more than just be a partner, consider getting one with features such as a waterproof body, adjustable eyes, and a voice box. Pay a little more for something that’ll give you more options.

As for cleaning, good dolls should be easy to clean and maintain. If it’s not, then you’re better of looking for something else that can be cleaned easily, as you don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy washing it.

Finally, let’s talk about price. It’s a good idea to look for the best value for your money. Remember, there are sex dolls for all budget levels, so take the time to find one that fits your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like ‘Does this sex doll have features that I need?’ or ‘How much will shipping be?’

All in all, if you’re 6’2 and looking for a sex doll, make sure you get one that has the right size and the right features. With the right doll, you’ll have a perfect partner who you can trust and enjoy every moment with.

Good luck!