who invented sex dolle

Talking about sex dolls, it always fascinates me how people become so creative and how they manage to create such wonderful inventions. In this case, the sex doll! Who on earth invented it? It’s an intriguing question. After doing some research, I realized that this topic is still up for debate.

The most frequently cited source for sex dolls the claim that sex dolls were first invented by the Dutch sailor Reubens in the 17th century is a 1976 book by Van Hove, “The Sex Doll Industry’. This book claims that in the 1600s, the reclusive, wealthy and sexually voracious Dutch sailor Rubens created a number of dolls that he used in his escapades.

Although this claim appears to be discredited, the earliest known sex doll is a French invention, created by a certain time in the late 1800s. Henri Levi, a French doctor, created a primitive sex toy by using materials such as rubber, metal, and wood. This was then sold to wealthy French clients who wanted to fulfil their fantasies. A few years later, a sewing machine manufacturer called Thomas Edison created the first automated sex dolls, which he sold as “cuddling dolls”.

Another major contender for the title of the inventor of sex dolls is the Japanese firm Orient Industries. It has been claimed that the company’s founder, Shin Takagi, developed the first modern sex dolls in 1978, focusing on realism and doll customization. The company grew to become a major manufacturer of high-end silicone sex dolls, which have been marketed in both Japan and overseas.

Night Out in LondonOne of the most interesting claims is that the world’s first inflatable sex doll was invented by a man called Billy Mays in the 19th century. This is based on a story that was supposedly documented in the diary of a sailor who visited a small island in the south Pacific. According to the “official” account, the sailor encountered Billy Mays who was selling his doll made of seal skins.

However, this story is unconfirmed and may be a myth. The invention of the inflatable sex doll is generally attributed to Alco-Lene Corporation in the 1970s. They created the first PVC-inflatable sex doll, which quickly became very popular among men looking for a sexual partner that was easy to transport.

In conclusion, the topic of who invented sex dolls is a bit of a mystery. It appears that the invention of the sex doll dates back to the 1800s, but it’s impossible to pinpoint who the real inventor was. We can only speculate on who it was and appreciate the creativity and innovation of the individuals who had the vision to create these remarkable and novelty items.