why put cornstarch on sex dolls

I recently had a discussion with a few of my friends about the subject of putting cornstarch on sex dolls. We were all pretty baffled as to why someone would do that, and as I thought about it, I began to feel a little curious. After all, it seemed so counterintuitive.

What I soon found out, however, is that putting cornstarch on a sex doll has a few valid benefits. For starters, it helps to reduce friction on the dolls, providing them with a smoother texture and feel. Not only can this make them feel more life-like, but it can even help to extend their longevity.

Furthermore, putting cornstarch on a doll can also help obscure any potential body odour that may arise, as cornstarch absorbs odour. This is especially ideal for people who are considering keeping their doll for a long time, as it will help to reduce the need for washing and potential damage to the material.

Ultimately, it’s clear that cornstarch can provide a handy addition to the maintenance of sex dolls. When applied correctly, cornstarch can provide a great way to keep a doll feeling soft and smooth, sex dolls while helping to reduce odours that may accumulate over time. Plus, it’s an inexpensive solution that won’t take a lot of time or effort to perform.

But that isn’t to say there aren’t any downsides too. For instance, too much cornstarch can create a mess and could potentially affect the performance of a doll. Therefore, it’s important to use the correct amount, and to make sure the cornstarch has been completely absorbed into the doll before use.

As well, it’s important to note that cornstarch isn’t necessary for those dolls made from silicone, as these materials are already quite smooth and non-porous. So if someone were particularly attached to a silicone doll, then there wouldn’t be any need to apply cornstarch.

What’s more, some dolls can be over sensitive to the dusting powder. It’s therefore essential to remove all trace of cornstarch before swapping between these dolls, or else the material may start to become discoloured.

In summary, using cornstarch on a sex doll can be a great way of extending its life and keeping it feeling soft and smooth. However, it’s important to be informed about how to correctly use it and to take note of the materials it is intended for. With this in mind, I have to say that putting cornstarch on sex dolls is certainly worth considering.