will soap kill herpes sex toys

I can hardly believe it, but it’s true – will soap really kill herpes sex toys?! It seems like such an unlikely solution to me and I’m a bit skeptical. After all, soap is often the go-to remedy for cleaning and disinfecting, but killing herpes?! That’s a bit of stretch, isn’t it?!

Well, this is what I found out. It’s an old wives tail that actually has its roots in some science! It turns out that non-toxic and natural soap can kill the herpes simplex virus due to the fact that soap is a surfactant, which basically means that it helps to break down surface tension making it easier for water to penetrate the outer membrane of the virus. This penetration makes it easier for soap and water to interact with the virus molecules and break them apart, effectively killing them.

But, before you start rubbing your sex toys with soap, dildos it’s important to check the label to make sure that it is safe and non-toxic. Natural soap that is free of synthetic chemicals is usually the best option. Furthermore, you should always use cold water when cleaning any sex toy, this will help to get rid of any bacteria or viruses.

I must admit, I’m both surprised and impressed that soap could be an effective solution for killing herpes sex toys. I always thought it was just an old wives tale! But, if it is a natural and non-toxic soap that is used, I see no reason why it couldn’t be effective in killing the virus.

However, while soap may be helpful in killing the virus, it doesn’t protect against future infection. To really ensure that your sex toys don’t become infected again you’ll need to use condoms and a toy cleaner. Condoms are an absolute must when using sex toys and are especially important for those carrying the herpes virus. And, a toy cleaner is essential for cleaning and disinfecting toys before and after use.

After reaching out to a few knowledgeable friends, they recommended giving the toys a thorough wash with warm water and soap, followed by a good toy cleaner to give your toys a deep clean. Overall, it seems like the combination of washing with soap and disinfecting with a toy cleaner is the most effective way to keep the virus at bay.

Though it may seem like a daunting task to make sure your sex toys are safe from the herpes virus, taking a few precautions and using the right cleaning techniques can make all the difference. Use a condom, sex dolls wash with soap, and always use a toy cleaner.

It seems that by taking a few simple steps and being mindful of our hygiene we can help protect ourselves and our partners from the herpes virus – no matter how far off the beaten track we may wander!