Wow, I just stumbled upon the craziest new trend I’ve ever seen: Pocket Puppy Sex Dolls. I mean, who even thought of such an absurd product?! From what I understand, these are miniature dolls that look like actual little puppies, complete with a cute, fluffy head of hair and big eyes. But instead of having a doggy body, it’s shaped like a human one. So yes, you can cuddle, hug, and kiss these puppies, but at the same time, sexual relations with them is also possible.

I’m shook, to be honest. Firstly, these dolls have become oddly popular in certain areas of the world. Secondly, it’s kind of concerning. How can someone be so okay with doing something so intimate with a doll that resembles an animal? I mean, doesn’t that counts as inappropriate behavior?

Moreover, how do you feel when you look around and realize that you might be the only person with the moral compass strong enough to call this out? On the other hand, I’m not even sure if there’s something wrong with pocket puppy sex dolls in the first place. After all, isn’t it perfectly normal to find comfort in something soft and fluffy?

Regardless of what one thinks, it’s hard to deny that this trend is becoming increasingly popular. Apparently, there are numerous websites where these dolls are sold! What’s even worse is that they’re pretty affordable for something so complex. This makes me wonder: who buys these dolls? Are they lonely people looking for companionship? Or are there kids out there who don’t know that having a relationship with an animal is wrong?

Either way, I’m left feeling strange about the whole thing. I guess I’ll take comfort in knowing that at least it’s not as absurd as other sex trends circling around out there. There’s always something cringeworthy and uncomfortable to witness in our world.

The idea of having a partnership with a doll is not new, but using an animal with human-like features for that purpose is intensely discordant for vibrators me. It’s like if someone put a button on the Eiffel Tower, and people suddenly started pushing it without a second thought! What a strange combination of art and science.

A pet-human hybrid may sound cool, but I’m worried about the implications! Will this become mainstream one day? I’m even more worried about the people that actually use these dolls. Are they getting something necessary out of the experience? Or is it just a cheap thrill?

I guess since Pocket Puppy Sex Dolls have been around for a couple of years now, it’s not that scandalous or sex dolls unheard of anymore. In fact, I’m sure some people see them as a part of societal acceptance. Still, I’m not sure if I’m 100% sold on the whole idea yet. What do you think?